SecuriTeach offers training programs on the following topics:

El kizev mamnu (Lying is forbidden)!!…? – about lying, its status, and “role” in Muslim society. Reasons, motives, and personal considerations that encourage lying. Tools and techniques for assessing signs of truth or lies and for dealing with lies.

Body language (non-literal communication) – familiarity with body language, basic tools that enable to read body language, improving your own body language, understanding cultural differences in body language, delivering the right message through body language, and more.

Verbal communication – professional emphases in the field of verbal communication, types of possible questions in the appropriate situations

Motives of collaboration/reasons for non-collaboration – when to expect collaboration/non-collaboration, methods  of encouraging collaboration in case of non-collaboration/partial collaboration

Techniques that facilitate influence and control over others and encourage empathy – practical tools that enable to control interactions with others, techniques that substantially improve inter-personal communication

Negotiation – techniques and emphases that apply to Muslim societies


  What we offer: Islam from Operational Perspective | Combat Interrogators | Spoken Arabic | Inter-personal Communication | Tours