“The overall training effect of this course was achieved.  SecuriTeach provided an excellent training opportunity for deploying AAA as well as all deployed AAA.  The variety of subjects learned and areas viewed were first-rate.  We definitely recommend this training to further the experience and capabilities of AAA teams (Unit A, Unit B, Unit C etc.).  All AAA deployed to Arabic and Muslim areas would benefit from learning how to accurately interpret and interact with local cultures and communities.”

)Names of units from the original text replaced by English letters (


It soon became obvious that Alan and I were experiencing the culture first hand. This had a significant impact on our understanding of how cultural differences can result in some extreme acts of terrorism


A representative of the Israel Ministry of Defense

“…I participated in a one-day seminar that had been scheduled by the Ministry and included a lecture and a visit to a Muslim village in the north. I was very impressed with the instructors, the contents, and the presentations and videos. You could see those instructors were very experienced by the contents and the quality of their lecture and by their answers to our questions. I believe the visit to the Muslim village, in particular their mosque, has an incredible contribution to the ability to understand another culture, in particular for an average Israeli who has never seen the inside of a mosque. To my opinion, the visit not only taught me more about Islamic culture, but it also contributed to the coexistence of the two peoples. Well done…”


A letter from an officer, a graduate of a pre-military academy

“In 2011 I served in the Ephraim Territorial Brigade of the Judea and Samaria Division in the area of Maccabim. Our weekly activity included securing the Maccabim checkpoint at Road 443, patrolling, making arrests, and handling the demonstrations along the border barrier next to the Palestinian villages of Bel’in and Na’alin.

During that period, I served as the deputy company commander and the deputy commander of the Maccabim area. Following reports by soldiers about difficulties in everyday interaction with the local Palestinian population, we decided to distribute a dictionary to help the soldiers perform their duties at the checkpoint in particular and in their operational activities in general.

As a graduate of a course by SecuriTeach I called a good friend who had taken the course with me and was very organized. She sent me all the documents and pages they had given us during the course.

We hung the pages in the restroom at the military post and about a week after that, after the officers and squad commanders had asked us to take those pages to the field, we distributed the dictionaries.

The soldiers and officers at the checkpoints thanked us for the dictionaries. The pages SecuriTeach had given us “revolutionized” our interaction with the local population and helped us prevent conflicts. Knowing spoken Arabic is definitely a significant advantage in regular security operations.”