About the Company

Our company employs the best content specialists, some of whom are veterans of the Israeli Security Forces, academic speakers and researchers, and senior managers and reporters in the news media. Our company was established by veterans of the Shin Bet who have extensive experience after years of operational service in the Arab and Muslim sector. Our specialists have profound command of the spoken Arabic language, in-depth familiarity with local traditions, religion, ways of life, and behavioral patterns of Muslim populations.

Our seminars include frontal lessons, tours, simulations, and field drills, all of which is intended to deliver extensive knowledge and practical tools.

SecuriTeach is a registered service provider of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police, and the Dutch and US Ministries of Defense.


Company Managers

 Eitan Refaeli

  • Veteran of the Israeli Security Forces with over twenty years of experience in different field operations
  • Retired officer in IDF combat units
  • BA graduate of sociology studies at the Hebrew University and an MA graduate of public administration at Bar Ilan University
  • Graduate of the mentor qulification program with practical mentoring experience in the Michael Program (Fulfilling Individual Potential to Attain Excellence)
  • Experienced speaker and specialist in the field of Islamic culture and the spoken Arabic language

Eyal Bergman

  • Veteran of the Israeli Security Forces with over twenty years of experience in different field operations, including the establishment and command of operational units
  • Retired officer in IDF combat units
  • BA graduate of political studies at Haifa University and graduate of the National Security College
  • Distinguished speaker in the field of communication and security with extensive experience in the delivery of workshops and training courses on interrogation, questioning, and inter-personal communication


Company Specialists

Our specialists have extensive experience and in-depth familiarity with interactions with Arab and Muslim sectors in Israel and abroad.

They have profound command of the spoken and literary Arabic language and in-depth familiarity with Islamic traditions, customs, and ways of life.

Their extensive field experience in the Arab sector includes regular interactions with men, women, the elderly, youths, and VIPs, and familiarity with the unique characteristics of each one of these groups.

They have years of experience in the field of questioning and interrogation in general, and in the Arab sector in particular.

Our training staff includes professional, experienced instructors, some of whom are Arabic native speakers. Our training courses are delivered in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.