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…To follow you blindly…

An experiential, amazing, and unique tour in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem from a different perspective; special and fascinating places that people don’t know about yet; the battle between religions, cultures, and outlooks; past and present intertwined, on the way to an unknown future.

A fascinating tour, guided by a veteran of the Israeli security forces, who lived and breathed the hidden and revealed city for 15 years. This unique and complex city and its population are his daily bread.

“Tfadalu el bet-betkum” (Come inside, please – our home is your home)

An experiential, special tour at a friendly Bedouin community in the Galilee

Tour structure:

  •  Arrival at the village, reception and light refreshments in a Bedouin tent.
  • Guided walking tour of the village, including an explanation of the village’s structure and character, Bedouin life in the past and present, and the contribution of the Bedouins to the State of Israel’s security.
  • Guided tour inside the mosque.
  • Rich and authentic traditional meal in a Bedouin tent.

** Please notify us in advance of participants who observe Kashrut.

El Muwahidun (Those who unify God’s name) = The Druze religion

In the scenic Druze village in the Galilee, we will walk in its picturesque lanes and discover its inhabitants’ unique lifestyles, customs, tradition, and beliefs (reincarnation and more…)

 We will hear a little (only that which is allowed…) about the mysteries of the secret religion and enjoy the delicacies of the authentic kitchen, during a visit to a local family.

Mohammed – the messenger of God, Jesus – the son of God, and… the Jewish State

A fascinating tour of Akko, Nazareth, and the churches along the coast of the Sea of Galilee, illustrating the complex and unique relationship between the three religions.

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