Islam from an operational perspective

“…familiarity with other people’s cultures and lifestyles prevents fear, hatred, and aggression, which develop in light of the unknown…”


SecuriTeach offers unique training courses that introduce Arab and Muslim societies. Our courses are tailored to each client’s individual needs and provide operational tools that were developed by our specialists after years of constant and personal contact with Arab and Muslim populations.

Our specialists have perfect command of Arabic, in-depth knowledge and familiarity with traditions, religion, lifestyles, and behavior patterns of Arab and Muslim populations.

Our training courses focus on cultural aspects and inter-personal interaction; they are intended to introduce cultural differences and ways of bridging them along with practical tools that raise awareness to sensitivities and enhance interaction with Arab and Muslim populations. Our graduates have profound familiarity with religious, linguistic, and cultural differences, as well as with common lifestyles and dominant outlooks.

Our training courses focus on the points of friction and contact between security forces and civilians, including road blocks, searches, arrests, observations, questioning, and different operational activities. We offer commanders, combat soldiers, and combat interrogators practical tools that enable to extract up-to-date intelligence.

Our training courses take place in classrooms and include tours, simulations, and field drills; they provide extensive knowledge as well as  practical, professional tools that are intended to reduce problems and conflicts that arise due to cultural differences, miscommunication, and misunderstanding. Our graduates not only feel more self confident, they also gain the ability to extract accurate information in real time, solve problems faster, reduce damage to public image.

SecuriTeach is a registered service provider of the United States Army and the Netherlands Ministry of Defense.


SecuriTeach instructors in an operational field drill with a special IDF force


Simulation of an encounter with a suicide bomber carrying an explosive belt


Interaction with a group of women during operational activity


Interaction with a member of the local elite


Interaction with a member of the local elite


Interrogating a woman in the field


Initial interrogation of terrorists


Interaction with a relative of a wanted person


Interaction with a member of the local public elite


Preparations for a field drill in an urban environment