SecuriTeach offers training programs that qualify combat interrogators. These courses provide professional, operational knowledge that enables them to assist the force commander during operations (searches, arrests, checkpoints, field missions, observations, and more). The course program was developed by our specialists and covers the entire topic of field questioning and interrogation, inter-personal interaction, identification of suspicious signs, and more.

As some operations take place within Muslim populations, we offer additional training on Islam and Arab culture from operational perspectives, as well as courses that teach spoken Arabic with an emphasis on military operational activities.


Here is what you will gain from our training courses:

  • Unique communication skills and questioning and interrogation capabilities as well as in-depth familiarity with exceptional characteristics and social and cultural sensitivities
  • The ability to extract reliable intelligence in real time
  • Professional tools that help distinguish between innocent civilians and suspects quickly and effectively
  • Awareness to suspicious signs from cultural/religious/social perspectives with the aim of contributing to the force’s security and safety
  • Familiarity with common scenarios that may occur during interaction with civilians (women, children, youth, the elderly, clerics, nobles, VIPs, and more)
  • The ability to minimize conflicts due to miscommunication and cultural misunderstandings
  • Awareness to possible manipulations by the adversary due to any missing and inaccurate information
  • Our graduates experience a more respectful attitude from the local population and increase their deterrence against hostile elements
  • Sensitivity to scenarios that may lead to local/general crises
  • The ability to reduce damage to public image


Our courses

  • Basic, comprehensive course for combat interrogators
  • Brief course for combat interrogators
  • Advanced course for combat interrogators – intended for experienced combat interrogators with operational background
  • Professional consultation – this service is intended to help you control, locate, and fulfill your dynamic needs
  • Maintaining operational readiness