SecuriTeach offers you a practical course on Arabic language and Arab culture, which may count for 60 hours of your educational bonus program.

The main topics of the course are:

1. Spoken Arabic

2. Practical and professional aspects of Islamic and Arab cultures and traditions

Min al-manb’a (From the spring)

We have developed a unique and innovative method of teaching spoken Arabic, as part of which you will be a guest of a Muslim family. This will be an unforgettable, first-hand experience, through which you will come to know the life of an Arabic speaking family, their rituals, customs, and traditions, their daily life in the village.

Learn spoken Arabic on your own using our innovative software program

Our specialists have developed a unique software program that can be tailored to the client’s field of specialty

Our program is easy and friendly, it introduces vocabulary, phrases, and proverbs based on your needs and expectations. The experience we offer is intended to highlight professional aspects of spoken Arabic in order to enhance interactions with Arab populations. With our program, you can study again and again in your free time in order to better communicate with Arabic speaking populations and make sure you pronounce the words just like a native speaker.


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