Our Mission | To deepen familiarity and increase the understanding of Arab and Muslim culture and tradition in order to enhance communication and relationship between this population and your people. 

Our company employs the best content specialists, some of whom are veterans of the Israeli Security Forces, academic speakers and researchers, and senior managers and reporters in the news media. Our company was established by veterans of the Shin Bet who have extensive experience after years of operational service in the Arab and Muslim sector. Our specialists have profound command of the spoken and literary Arabic language, in-depth familiarity with local traditions, religion, ways of life, and behavioral patterns of Arab and Muslim populations. We offer unique services to deepen your familiarity with Arab and Muslim populations and enhance your communication with such populations, all of which is tailored to your activities and unique requirements. Our seminars include frontal lessons, tours, simulations, and field drills, all of which is intended to deliver extensive knowledge and practical tools.

SecuriTeach is a registered service provider of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Israeli Police, and the Dutch and US Ministries of Defense.


The Civilian-Business Sector

We offer the tools to enhance your communication with Arab populations in Israel and in neighboring countries based on our in-depth knowledge and years of operational experience in Israel and abroad.


The Military-Security Sector

SecuriTeach delivers unique seminars and training courses that focus on points of contact and conflicts between security forces and civilian populations and ways of obtaining up-to-date tactic intelligence.


Doing Business in Arab Countries

We can help you establish the business connections  you need and support different aspects of your business activity based on our extensive knowledge and numerous contacts.


Additional Services we Offer

Our services include translation, public-opinion surveys in the Arab sector, consultation and assistance in advertising, translation of websites, mystery shopping, debt settlement in the Arab sector, and more.


Unique, Tailored Seminars and Training Courses for Enhanced Communication with the Arab Sector:

For staffs at prisons and security and criminal detention facilities for enhanced extraction of intelligence and operational information from detainees and from their relatives during visits | for medical staffs to enhance communication with peers of different religions and with Arab patients and their families | for reporters in the news media for enhanced interaction with Arab sources based on in-depth familiarity with their ways of life, culture, religion, customs, and ‘sensitivities'; familiarity with group characteristics in the Muslim population, interpretation of unique situations and enhanced inter-personal communication with Muslim populations | for companies to enhance marketing and advertising efforts, sales, and services offered to the Arab population | for security forces and government officials at border crossings (land, sea, and air); familiarity with suspicious signs based on behavioral-cultural characteristics; in-depth knowledge of the necessary adjustments in questioning and interrogation techniques | special units (military, police, security agencies); enhanced regular and operational interaction with the Arab and Muslim population based on familiarity with religious differences, Arabic language, culture, ways of life, and perceptions; the training sessions include theoretical lessons and practical field drills.